Tenerife south/El Fraile/ Arona / apartment for sale: 42 m2/€77,000

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I ❤️ Tenerife
Apartment at a good price, close to the ocean on the largest island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife FOR SALE! ❤️🦜🌴
Located in El Fraile/ Arona
42 m2, living room + 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, terrace apartment, on the 1st floor of a building with an elevator, for sale with storage. It is located in a well-maintained apartment building with 20 apartments, on one of the main streets of the settlement.
The apartment is located in the southern part of Tenerife, in a popular, quiet area.
10-15 minutes walk to the ocean, everything is nearby: local bus transport, shops, pharmacy, restaurants, shops, schools…etc. a few minutes’ walk.

Property data:
✅ year of construction: approx. 25-30 years ago
✅ 42 m2
✅ 1 room
✅ terrace
✅ built-in cabinets and mechanization
✅ parking and storage included in the price
✅ 1st floor
It is located in an orderly neighborhood on the main street
Price: 77,000 Euros

✈Air ticket prices with direct arrival in south or north Tenerife outside the high season (summer, Dec 15-Jan 15 and February: carnival): about HUF 90,000-120,000/person
✅🚗 We also help with car rental.
✅🚗✈🚨The LOCAL representative of our office speaks native Hungarian and fluent Spanish as well as English, so we fully help our clients handle the administration related to the rental.

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I look forward to your call!
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