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I 💖Tenerife

💙 House for sale close to the ocean!

🧡 On the largest island of the Canary Islands

🥰👌🌴 Beautiful

Do you want to live in a dream place in contact with nature and beauty?

Do you want to create a rural hotel and don’t know where to start?

I give you great news, we have for sale an independent Villa with two floors, each with its own entrance, you can enjoy large spaces where you can live with your family or transform it into a Rural Hotel!

It has a garage where you can park up to 7 cars, storage room, private pool.

  This property is located on a 5000 mq plot that belongs to the property and is all fully registered in the deed.

It has 3 terraces facing the ocean with an impressive view and all the privacy.  Ample space where you can have animals or make an orchard and put fruit trees.

Do not let her escape this time, we will arrange a visit… I will be happy to teach you and help you in all the management.

  📍Los Menores, Tenerife

  💶 €870,000

✈Airplane with direct arrival to the south of Tenerife (wizz air) in peak season (summer, December 15-January 15 and February: carnival) or out of that: around 150-250€ / person

🚗We also help with car rental.

💟The LOCAL representative of our office speaks Hungarian and fluent Spanish, as well as English, so we can help our clients with the administration of the rental.

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I welcome your call!

By Tenerife Home and Budapest Home Real Estate Agency

☎️Regina: +36-20-444-4988

☎️ Viktoria: +34-60-329-1503



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